UP "OCEAN" series Sleeper    $35.00

Shell and Underframe Castings

  Model of Ocean Sleeper
    The Union Pacific received 3 "Ocean" series sleepers (5 bedroom-2 compartment-2 drawing rooms) from Pullman-Standard in 1956. There were also 2 "Ocean" cars delivered by American Car and Foundry in the same year that were nearly identical. These cars were assigned to the "City of Los Angeles" and remained in that service until Amtrak took over passenger service in May 1971. They were then sold to AutoTrain.

UP Ocean Sleeper Casting 
The body shell and underframe are cast in light gray resin. Parts should be washed in Mineral Spirits in order to remove the mold release compound. Also some window flash will need to be cleaned up. The modeler will be required to add trucks, diaphragms, couplers, grab irons, window glass and of course paint and decals. Appropriate decals are MicroScale #60-630 UP Passenger Car- Sleepers & Business Cars- Yellow & Grey Scheme.

UP Ocean Mist 5-2-2 Sleeper