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USA Shipping cost is a flat $7.00 via Priority Mail per order. Free shipping on domestic orders of 3 shells or more. First Class shipping to Canada $15.00.  International shipping is $20.00 

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MILW RD 1956 Thrall Caboose $30.00
C&NW Hammerhead RSD5 conversion $30.00
UP "Ocean" series Sleeper $35.00
NYC Heavyweight 60' Baggage Car $35.00
CB&Q Baggage-Buffet-Lounge $35.00
C&NW Bi-level Dining Car $35.00
CB&Q TCZ Dome-Parlor-Observation $55.00
MP15AC Conversion Shell $30.00
Milwaukee Road 1947 Express car $35.00
Santa Fe 64 foot "economy" baggage car $35.00
Burlington E5 B-unit shell $30.00
REA Refrigerator conversion $30.00
Inside Door Express Box conversion $25.00
Milw Rd 1947 Coach (Waukesha A/C) $35.00
"Rapids" series parlor Skytop $45.00
Outside Door Express Box conversion $25.00
RS3 phase III conversion shell $30.00
CB&Q Express Boxcar conversion $25.00
CB&Q Havelock Baggage car shell $35.00
Payment Method PayPal
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