REA Express Refrigerator Conversion Shell     $30.00

REA refrigerator casting

    This Skytop Models conversion will change a Micro-Trains Troop Sleeper Car into a REA express refrigerator car. Roof walk and brake wheel are included. The modeler will need to paint and decal the conversion shell then add the underframe and trucks from a MT Troop sleeper. Nothing could be easier !


REA Paint Schemes

    Railway Express Agency  leased 149 ice refrigerator cars converted from ex troop sleepers after WWII. They stayed in operation until the end of REA service and wore several lettering schemes. MicroScale decal #60-1010 will do the various schemes. These cars orginally used the Allied full cushioned trucks but they were later changed out for ASF 70 ton ride control trucks which are available from BLMA. Here is the original paint scheme worn by the cars when first put into service. 
Post WWII paint
The year 1953 saw a new paint scheme and lettering style.
1953 paint scheme
The last scheme came about in 1961 with a new lettering style and herald.