N scale RS3 phase III shell     $30.00

RS3 phase III conversion shell

The RS3 phase III shell is designed to fit the latest version of the Atlas RS3. Unfortunately it will NOT fit the earlier versions of the Atlas model. Check the photos near the bottom of this page to see the differences if you are not sure which version you have.  

The casting is a direct swap for the original factory shell which depicts a phase I carbody. Once you have painted the shell to match your specific railroad, just attach the stock Atlas cab and handrails, replace the shell on the chassis and enjoy your new phase III RS3. 

Original phase I RS3

Original Atlas phase I model

Milwaukee Road RS3 with phase III shell


Phase III conversion model


This Milwaukee Road model is almost complete and will give you some idea of what to expect when you finish your model. I carved, filed and sanded off the original numberboards since I will be adding the typical Milwaukee style angled numberboards to this model. The handrails were left off to allow for better photographs. 

Below is a comparison of the two versions of the Atlas models to help you identify which model you have if you are not certain and don't know where to look.

Comparison of early and late RS3 versions Another comparison of the RS3 shell versions