Twin Cities Zephyr Dome Observation     $55.00 

with underframe and interior castings 

Silver View right side

The CB&Q acquired new equipment for Twin Cities Zephyr in 1947 including Dome-Parlor-Observation cars Silver View and Silver Vista. They made daily round trips between Chicago and the Twin Cities. While they spent most  their time serving on the TCZ, these cars were also used for a brief time on the Kansas City Zephyr. The cars were later purchased and used by Amtrak.

TCZ Dome-Obs castings

    Here are the four castings for the TCZ Dome-Observation car. They are cast in bright white resin but were painted in light gray for a better photogragh. As you can see the car body casting will require some clean up of flash, mostly in the dome area. Kato window glass sets can be used to finish the car. See the helpful hints below. A special thanks goes to Mike Skibbe for creating the master model for this car.

Silver View left side
    The casting was first washed in Mineral Spirits to remove the mold release compound. It was then primed by painting it a light gray color followed by a coat of Tru-Color Silver. Decals are Microscale #60-1184 Chicago Burlington & Quincy Postwar Zephyr and Pool Passenger Cars (1947-1970) .  

Recommended Kato Parts
Part # 805247 Budd CZ Dome Observation Glass Set
Part # 805155 Budd Dome Glass Set
Part # 805103 Stainless Steel Car Diaphragms
Part # 800013 Budd Postwar (Skirted) Passenger Car Truck, Silver w/o Coupler (For use on observation end)
    A note about the front truck. Kato is out of the proper silver trucks with couplers but there are a couple of options. They still have the correct trucks in black, so you could purchase those and paint them. The other option is to purchase a second set of the silver truck w/o coupler and body mount a coupler to the vestibule end.


1) Wash the casting in Mineral Spirits in order to remove the mold release compound.

2) Carefully remove the flash with a new sharp #11 hobby blade. Pay special attention to the dome glass area. The Kato dome glass will be a tight precision fit and you need to remove all the flash from the casting. It is better to error on the side of removing just slightly more material than not enough.

3) Paint and decorate the model. I used a base coat of Tru-Color NYC light gray followed by Tru-Color Silver. Decal with Microscale set #60-1184 Burlington Post War Zephyr and Passenger Pool Cars. I sealed the decals and paint with a coat of Tru-Color Gloss.

4) The Kato CZ obs and coach glass sets need to be cut apart and glued into the appropriate window openings. I tinted all the Kato glass beforehand with a mix of Alclad II Lacquer paints.  For more information on window tinting see my article at the Model:160 web site. The larger window under the right side dome section doesn't have a corresponding Kato window part. I ended up cutting down one of the spare longer window sections to fit. The cut end can be touched up with a Sharpie marker to simulate the black gasket material. In addition, I choose to use Microscale Kristal Klear on the four small windows under the same dome section.

5) Paint the underframe Tru-Color Aluminum. Paint and detail the dome seat and interior castings as you see fit. I just used a light earth color.

6) Glue the interior to the underframe. Add trucks, diaphragm, couplers and insert underframe into shell.

7) Enjoy your new car and Have fun !