Outside Door Express Box Car Conversion Shell     $25.00

OutSide Door Express Boxcar Shell

This Skytop Models conversion will change a Micro-Trains Troop Sleeper Car into a Outside door Express Box Car as used in mail, baggage and express service by New York Central, Rock Island, and Erie Railroads. The modeler will need to paint and decal the conversion shell then add the underframe from a MT Troop sleeper. Nothing could be easier !

Appropriate decals are available from MicroScale #60-933


New York Central Express Boxcars

    The New York Central may have been the largest owner of converted troop sleepers, aquiring cars in three separate lots. They eventually accumulated 400 cars on their roster in the 9200 to 9599 number series (not all numbers were used). All cars from the three lots were originally equipped with exterior boxcar-type sliding doors. However it should be noted that some cars in the first(9300-9399) and second batches (9400-9499) were later fitted with recessed, interior sliding doors. All cars were also originally equipped with the ill fated Allied Full-Cushion trucks which were eventually banned from interchange service. They then received ASF 70 ton Ride Control trucks. 
NYC model
    This is an early New York Central car painted in the two tone gray scheme.Very Classy. Later these cars were painted in a simplified dark gray scheme without the light gray band.

Rock Island Express Boxcars

    The Rock Island had 50 ex-troop sleepers that were purchased in 1947-48 and converted to baggage and express service. They were numbered 4200-4249 and also had a sliding outside hung boxcar door. Rock Island #4207 is decorated in the latter day streamliner all silver paint scheme. This replaced the original Pullman Green with Dulux Gold lettering scheme. Paint schemes don't get any simpler.
Rock Island decorated model