N-Scale Products

All products are undecorated resin castings but they can be purchased as completed custom built models by special order. Prices vary depending on model and paint scheme. Please be specific when making an inquiry.

Conversion Shells

These shells are not a kit but rather a direct swap for a manufacturers original factory model in order to convert it to a more specific similar model. This allows the modeler to have versions of models that are not otherwise available and are unlikely to ever be produced due to their smaller area of interest. The conversion shells will also require the modeler to obtain or have on hand an original factory version of the model to complete the project. 

PLEASE NOTE: All Products are N-SCALE

Passenger Car  Castings

Passenger car castings include the basic body shell along with a separate underframe casting. Modelers will generally need to purchase trucks, couplers, diaphragms and miscellaneous items separately. I have tried to make each casting as accurate as possible with most details already cast in place allowing the modeler to build highly detailed and very railroad specific models with a minimal amount of effort.